This booking procedure affects to all bookings addressed through Bali Nice Holiday.

All rates that are charged by the villas or hotels are quoted in US Dollars.  Furthermore, both Bali Nice Holiday and the villa owner reserve the right to change the rates and conditions without prior notice.  The rates given to the guests are determined by the seasonality of booking period, whether the low season rates, high season rates, or peak season rates.

Most of villas apply the seasonality of stay during the year in order to determine which rates are being applied.  
Broadly, there are three major seasons in a year; the peak season, high season, and low season.  The dates may vary, depending on the policy of each villa.

However, the season dates have usually been determined as follows:
Low season:   January 9 - June 30 / September 16 - December 19
High season:   July 1-31 / September 1-15 / Easter week/ Chinese New Year
Peak season:   August 1-31 / December 20 - January 8 (includes Christmas & New Year period)

Some villas set certain policy mentioning the number of minimum night stays.  Moreover, the quantity of night stays may vary depending on the season and the other considerations.
Here, the minimum night stays for low season is 3 (three) nights, for high season is 5 (five) nights, whereas for peak season is 7 (seven) nights.  This policy is applicable during the year.

All bookings require a minimum 50% deposit prepayment for the entire period of your stays.  Once Bali Nice Holiday sends the confirmation of booking to the guests, they should settle the rental amount at the latest by the next 3 (three) days after the booking confirmation is sent.

For most villa rates are quoted in US Dollar and some other rates are quoted in IDR.

Booking payment can be settled by  BANK TELEX TRANSFER, any bank charges to be borne by the guests.

Whenever the guests confirm the reservation, we will send the booking confirmation as well as the invoice.

Reservations made within 30 days prior to arrival, then the full payment must be settled by the guests maximum within 3 (three) working days, or on the date of guest arrival if less than 3 (three) working days, whichever comes first.

If the guests wish to stay during low season, then the final payment should be settled within 30 days prior to the date of arrival, while during high season should be within 45 days and peak season should be within 60 days prior to arrival date.  Due to guarantee and assure the reservations, the payment should be settled without any delay.

There are certain US Dollar bank note series that cannot be accepted by Bali Nice Holiday or the villas or hotels.
Those series of US Dollar bank note are the ones which have the serial number beginning with CB, BB, CF, DB and CA.  In addition to that, the US Dollar money from the year of 1999 and under that year will not be accepted either.  Therefore, please be aware with the money you bring.

All cancellations must be notified in writing through email to Bali Nice Holiday.  Cancellations must be made by the latest 30 days prior to the date of guest arrival in low season, 45 days in high season and 60 days in peak season period.

If the booking is cancelled 61 days or more prior to arrival (91 days for Christmas/ New Year period), then we will refund the money in full less 20% of the total rental cost or USD500, which one is greater.

The deposit payment will not be refunded to the guests if the cancellation is made less than 60 days prior to the date of arrival.  This cancellation fee is destined to pay the time and efforts done by the agent as well as to pay the loss of potential bookings belongs to the villa owner.

The final payments are non-refundable.

The rates include welcome drink, chilled towel and fruits basket upon guest arrival as well as the return private airport transfers OR one time arrival Pick-Up  (which one you get will be explained on email correspondence).
The guests also need to note that if require then additional charges will be provided for extra transfer cars (maximum 4 pax plus luggage) at IDR 200K per car one way for Sanur, Nusa Dua, Canggu, Kerobokan or Seminyak area.  Or an extra IDR 300K per car one way will be charged for Ketewel, Tabanan, Ubud or Uluwatu area.

We need to register our guests with the local authorities.  The villa management staffs are going to take your passport for photocopy purpose so that you are fully registered with the authorities.


IMPORTANT:  Your passport must be valid for six months from the date of entry into Indonesia and you must also have proof of onward passage out of Indonesia (either return or through tickets).

Check in time for most of the Bali private villa is 2pm (14:00) and check out time is 12pm.  The time difference will be used by the villa staffs to make up the room that will be occupied by the next guests.  In case of a late check-out up to 6pm (18:00) will be charged at 50% of  one night rental charge.  Late check-out up to 10pm (22:00) will be charged at one night rental charge.

Regarding the functions that the guests wish to conduct, the clients must give the notice in advance since the prior arrangements are inevitably needed.  The local authorities will be asked for the license before conducting these events and also there will be an extra cost.  The villa management has certain regulation and policy for any kind of event and party.
In addition to that, a charge of 100% from one night rental rate will apply.  This fee excludes the fee for Banjar or the local community.

Since most villas are situated in inhabited areas, all the functions will so much depend on the neighborhood vagaries and so that there will be any function or event that cannot be accommodated perfectly.  For regular vacation or holiday purpose, the bookings will apply the normal or regular terms.  However, if there are special events where the number of people in attendance will be more than 150% of the villa capacities, then the special permission must be attained.

The weddings and the other special celebrations conducted at the villas are being famous amongst the travelers these days.  However, the important thing that should be noticed is that most of the villa owners will not accept the booking which engages an occupation without giving any prior confirmation mentioning that the arranger of that occupation has been hired.

IMPORTANT:  if the guests are wishing to conduct any wedding, celebration, or the huge party involving the people attending worship.  It is essential and worth doing to let us know about the plan or arrangement since there will be any special terms that will apply and the guests will not get difficulties with a last minute decision.

When the guests plan for traveling to Bali, checking your health insurance is something essential to do.  The guests have to ensure that they have got covered by the insurance.  Taking an inclusive insurance is highly recommended since it will be able to protect the guests whenever they get the illness, injury, death, the luggage and personal items loss, cancellation, as well as the other incidents that may occur during their travel in Bali.

When the guests are leaving the villas, they must leave anything in a clean condition as well as fine circumstances.  If the damage or loss occur during the stay, then the clients must be responsible for any consequences caused.  The villa owner has the right to reclaim the property if the guests or one of the guests parties make any extreme damage or annoyance or involve within certain activities which against the law.
Bali Nice Holiday is not legally responsible with the guests who have any injury, illness, loss, damage, extra cost or any inconvenience caused and will not be either responsible for any loss and damage to private belongings, vehicles, and whatever the items inside the vehicles during their stays.  All the guests will be responsible for all of conditions above and therefore the guests must be aware with whatever they bring.


The quantity of persons who will stay at the villas cannot exceed the maximum numbers that the villas have applied.  If the number of persons exceed the regular terms then the prior arrangement is needed.  Therefore, anytime the guests made reservation, they must mention the numbers of persons that will stay.  Please notice that Bali Nice Holiday has the rights to refuse any booking made by the guests if they provide different information.

Whilst Bali Nice Holiday makes every effort to ensure that brochure descriptions are accurate and that properties meet its required standards, Bali Nice Holiday cannot accept responsibility for any alterations made to the property or its amenities, which are beyond its control.
Bali Nice Holiday is not responsible for any kind of injury, illness, loss, damage, extra cost or inconvenience that may occur to the clients while staying at the villas. If there are also the direct or indirect occurrences as the consequences of the villa condition such as plumbing, gas, electrical, the weather condition, the villa owner carelessness and so on, then it is not our responsibilities either. Moreover, Bali Nice Holiday is not liable for the private stuffs, vehicles with the items inside of it that belong to the guests as well as the members of the guests party while staying at the villa.

If there is any complaint regarding the property, then the clients should convey whatever the matters occur to the manager of the Bali villa rentals where they are staying.  If the clients are not happy or dissatisfied with their stays then they have to report it to our office.  If later on the agent finds that the complaint valid and reliable, the agent may propose a partial refund to the clients.
However, the result for the complaint may take several weeks to be finalized or approved.  This claim must be discussed and agreed by the owners of Bali private villas. There will not be any other liability for the clients than the refund money for them.
Furthermore, the agent will not either be able to handle optimally for any claim that is conveyed by the clients after returning home.